19 March 2007


The purpose of this blog is simple: to comment on the past, present, and future of the Orlando Magic. I feel as though I am qualified to comment for the following reasons:

  • I have lived in Orlando my entire life.
  • I have previously been a Magic season ticketholder.
  • I remember Danny Schayes.
Those reasons, more or less, make me just as reputable as, say... Brian Schmitz. But qualifications aren't really necessary; this is, after all, the internet.

The name of this blog should resonate with Magic fans. Although there's no official statistic -- yet -- I'm certain that the Magic have the highest rate of blown third-quarter leagues in the league. If you don't believe me, check the recap of the Magic's loss to the Sacramento Kings on Saturday night. Actually, let me just go through the play-by-play.

The Situation:
The Magic entered the 3rd quarter with a 52-42 advantage on the Kings, who had lost 5 straight games heading into that night's action.

The 3rd quarter:
The Magic and Kings traded baskets for the first 7:10 of the period:
  • SAC - Kevin Martin makes two free throws (44-52)
  • ORL - Grant Hill makes a jumper (44-54)
  • SAC - Mike Bibby makes a three-pointer (47-54)
  • ORL - Jameer Nelson makes two free throws (47-56)
  • SAC - Kevin Martin makes a free throw (48-56)
  • ORL - Dwight Howard makes a dunk (48-58) -- One of Howard's two field goals on the night!
  • SAC - Mike Bibby makes a jumper (50-58)
  • ORL - Darko Milicic makes a dunk (50-60)
Then, finally, one team made a stop and converted on their next possession.
  • ORL - Grant Hill makes a jumper (50-62)
Hey, we're up 12! We're really cookin'! Right?
Wrong. I've decided to include the Magic's non-scoring possessions in between the Kings' made baskets in the following sequence:

  • SAC - Ron Artest makes a two-pointer (52-62)
  • ORL - Jameer Nelson bad pass turnover
  • ORL - Jameer Nelson misses a shot
  • SAC - Mike Bibby makes a three-pointer (55-62)
  • ORL - Dwight Howard misses a layup
  • ORL - Darko Milicic commits a loose-ball foul
  • SAC - Corliss Williamson makes two free throws (57-62)
  • ORL - Darko Milicic 3-second violation turnover
  • SAC - Mike Bibby makes a three-pointer (60-62)
Four possessions turned into two missed shots and two turnovers, and the Kings were able to convert. The Magic's scoring drought finally ended when J.J. Redick hit a two-point basket to bump the Magic lead back up to 4 points. Unfortunately, the scoring drought wasn't all that J.J.'s basket ended; the Magic were finished scoring for the Period. 3:11 had elapsed between baskets and another 1:39 would elapse to finish the quarter with the score of Sacramento 67, Orlando 64. This season, the Magic have a record of 3-30 -- .090 -- when trailing after the third quarter. Magic fans knew that the remaining 12 minutes would be a formality.
The final score was 95-83.
How ugly was this loss? Apart from the fact that it came against a sub-.500 opponent on a losing streak? Here are some fun facts:
  • The Kings' Kevin Martin, a candidate for Most Improved Player of the Year, made just one of his eight field goal attempts and still managed to score 20 points. How? The Magic couldn't stop fouling him and he ended up shooting 20 free throws, making 17 of them. To put that number in perspective, the Magic as a team shot only 25 free throws.
  • The Magic outshot the Kings 41.9% to 33.8%.
  • The Magic outrebounded the Kings 41-36.
  • Magic All-Star Dwight Howard finished with six points. Six. This from a guy who leads the league in dunking.
  • The Kings wore their hideous gold alternate uniforms. BeyoncĂ© called and she wants her Dreamgirls wardrobe back.
In a sick way, that loss is what forced me to start this blog. I'm sure that another blown lead down the road would have influenced me as well, but there's no time like the present.

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