21 April 2007

Notes From Halftime of Game 1

The first half Game 1 is in the books and I'm actually a bit impressed. Perhaps it says something about the state of the franchise when trailing by 8 at halftime and shooting 30% from the foul line is considered impressive. It's a bit mind-boggling to think that we could actually be leading this game if we didn't shoot free throws so anemically.

We ended the first half on a high note, as Trevor Ariza scored a layup off a steal as time expired. But what really encourages me about this game is the play of Darko Milicic. I didn't think he'd even be available for today's game after spraining his foot against Washington earlier this week. He has 8 points on 3-of-3 shooting: one huge tomahawk slam and two jump hooks. If he keeps playing with this intensity, he'll give us another reliable scoring option.

The second half is about the get underway. Let's see if we can play with our heads on straight and steal a game from Detroit.

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