11 June 2007

CNBC: Magic Offer Refunds to Ticket Buyers after Donovan Fiasco

Earlier today, Henry Abbott of TrueHoop linked to this article by CNBC's Darren Rovell, who writes that the Magic have decided to offer refunds to people who bought season tickets after Billy Donovan was hired as coach, then asked to be let out of his contract after he decided he'd rather stay at the University of Florida. An excerpt from Rovell:

Kudos to the Orlando Magic who told me today that they are willing to refund the money paid by any of the 200 season ticket holders, who bought seats after Billy Donovan was hired as head coach. Orlando Magic spokesman Joel Glass said that the team was in the process of contacting each of the new season ticket holders one by one. "So far we've had some people who said they are going to stick with us and others have said they will wait until free agency," said Glass, who noted that he didn't know of anyone who elected to cancel.
I have to echo Rovell's praise here. This move is a classy one by the Magic, especially considering that they are under no obligation to offer any refund at all. Hopefully this news will serve as positive PR for us.

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