06 July 2007

Another Perspective on Grant Hill's Departure

Basketbawful offers its take on Grant Hill's Magic career in this post. I assure you that I planned to write a retrospective post about Hill for this blog, but I couldn't write one any better than that. Particularly interesting is this snippet:

Hill didn't give the Magic a chance, though. Instead, he immediately bolted for the Phoenix Suns in what we must assume is one last, desperate gamble for a championship. On the one hand, it's hard to begrudge him that opportunity after all he's suffered through. But on the other hand, Hill really should have rewarded some of the loyalty the Magic have shown him over the last seven years. What happened to Mr. Good Guy? I mean, it's hard to argue that he left Detroit for the money back in 2000, and it's even harder to argue that he's leaving the Magic for a shot at glory. You expect that kind of behavior from most NBA players, but Hill was supposed to be above that sort of thing, a character guy, a Sportsmanship Award winner.
If Grant weren't such a nice guy, it'd be much easier to hate his friggin' guts. The only emotion I can muster is disappointment.

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