03 July 2007

Patrick Ewing Among Orlando's New Assistant Coaches

As if the Rashard Lewis news weren't exciting enough, the Magic announced the hirings of four new assistant coaches: Brendan Malone, Steve Clifford, Bob Breyer, and Patrick Ewing. The release to which I linked summarizes each coach's respective resume.

It should surprise no one that I think this is exciting news. I admittedly know nothing about the first three coaches listed, but Patrick Ewing's presence speaks for itself. He'll work with the Magic's post players, like Dwight Howard, on perfecting their low-post moves; as of right now, Howard's greatest post weapon is the dunk.

Under the tutelage of Patrick Ewing, Dwight Howard will expand his limited offensive game. We'll still see plenty of dunks, like this ferocious one over New Orleans Hornet Jannero Pargo.
Photo by the Associated Press

The only way this summer could get any better is if we could work out a way to keep Darko without having to trade Trevor Ariza.

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