29 August 2007

Tell Harris Rosen Where He Can Stick It

Warning: Hard-head area.
Photo by Roberto Gonzales, the Orlando Sentinel

Sore-loser/baby/tremendous d-bag Harris Rosen, an International Drive hotelier, has launched his bid to block construction a new arena in downtown Orlando as well has renovation of the Citrus Bowl football stadium. Rosen's group of volunteers is prepared to collected 31,000 signatures in 31 days; if successful, approval for any sports facility exceeding $25 million in construction costs will have to come from the people of Orange County. The Sentinel has the full story.

Apparently, Rosen's troops will be avoiding the Winter Park/Maitland/Edgewater area, which means I won't be able to personally give them a piece of my mind. But if one of these clowns comes to your door and asks for your signature, don't just slam it angrily in their face; tell them where they can stick their stupid petition, and then slam the door.

The arena vote was good enough for the Orange County commission, so it should be good enough for the petition gatherers. Orlandoans, do you want your town to be second-rate forever? Or do you want it to take the next step towards respectability? Having the NBA's first green-certified arena would certainly advance us in that direction, as well as having an up-do-date football stadium, which could attract major bowl games and conference championships.

Don't oppose the arena and don't give in to the opposition. Put your foot down on their scrawny necks and don't take it off until they stop breathing.

If you'll excuse me, I have a lunchbreak to enjoy. I'll try not to set off the fire-alarms with the steam coming from my ears.

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