22 August 2007

Today, Magic Get Foyle; Tomorrow, Magic Fans Can Get Tickets

It's been so slow around the NBA that the news of Samuel Dalembert obtaining Canadian citizenship made the front-page of ESPN's NBA page last week. The Magic news has also slowed down a bit now that the Dooling/Garrity for Smith/Evans trade talk has died. Black and Blue has seen "insiders" post that the team will sign Adonal Foyle, but that hasn't been reported anywhere yet. That didn't stop Brendan over at Believing in Magic from posting his take on Foyle's potential signing and its impact on the rotation.

...would you look at that? As I was writing this post, word leaked that the Magic had agreed to terms with Adonal Foyle. Thanks to Black and Blue for the heads-up and to the Orlando Sentinel for getting the story.

Today, there is actual more news to report: Ticketmaster alerted me that single-game tickets for the Magic's upcoming 2007/2008 NBA season will go on-sale tomorrow at 10:00 AM. You can click here to browse the schedule and here to browse special multi-game ticket packages. Previously, only season-ticket packages were available to the public. As a Magic Insider, I was able to purchase the 10-game weekend package last week. Which games are you most looking forward to seeing? Let's discuss it in the comments.

On the whole, it hasn't been a bad day for the Magic. They shored up their frontcourt rotation and let their fans know that tickets will be available soon. Life is good. We'll see how it works out in October.

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