17 September 2007

Adonal Foyle is Awesome

I'm hardly the first person to say this, but there are few players in the NBA as likable as Adonal Foyle. Okay, he's never been much of a star, but he's just so freaking nice. I urge you to check out his official site, which, as Black and Blue pointed out, even features poetry by the Magic's newest acquisition. Additionally, Foyle runs a student-oriented political-participation website, Democracy Matters. Both of his sites are very professional and clean-cut... just like their founder.

What excites me most about Adonal is the prospect of seeing him make this face after a teammate's authoritative slam-dunk. And given that he's joining a team featuring Dwight Howard (the league's leader in throwdowns) and Trevor Ariza, I'd say the odds of seeing Adonal's "OH NO HE DIDN'T!" face are pretty damn high.

Finally, I thought I'd recommend Cooliris, my favorite browser plug-in. I use it when reading link-dump blog posts, as it allows me to view links without leaving the current page. Trust me: it's super convenient.


Ty Keenan said...

I think Adonal will only be more likable on a team with a legit center, because his faults won't be as glaring. There's probably not an easier person (not player) to root for in the NBA.

Ben Q. Rock said...

You don't mean to insinuate that Dwight Howard isn't a center, do you?

Sucks that he wasn't signed in time for the Magic to do a Foyle-themed giveaway. I'd be there.