03 June 2007

ESPN: Donovan Waffles, Wants Out of Magic Deal

Please tell me this isn't happening.

ESPN.com's Andy Katz reports
that Billy Donovan has informed both the Magic and the University of Florida that he has changed his mind about coaching the Magic and would like to return to UF. It's ultimately up to the Magic to decide whether or not to let Donovan out of his five year, $27.5 M contract.

The information is still hazy at this point, but if it's true, I'm disappointed and disgusted. If the Magic let Donovan leave, it'll be even worse than when Shaquille left us back in 1996. Why? Shaq at least was with the organization for a few seasons and helped it enjoy some success; Donovan has been on the job for only a few days and has raised the hopes and expectations of an entire city. A few days ago, it looked like his hiring was the highest point in Magic history. Now, his potential departure stands to be its low point.

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