03 June 2007

Orlando Sentinel: Donovan's Arrival Good News to Darko

Is re-signing Darko now a slam dunk?

The Orlando Sentinel reports that Magic free agent Darko Milicic is pleased with the arrival of Billy Donovan as the team's new head coach.
"I look at the hiring of Billy Donovan as a pro-Darko move," Marc Cornstein, Milicic's agent, told the Sentinel on Saturday.


Milicic, 21, was somewhat disappointed with the way [former coach Brian] Hill used him. He said after the season that he would have to explore going to a team that would allow him to facilitate the offense with his passing and shoot more from the outside.
The article goes on to mention that Cornstein has spoken with Milicic, who was enthusiastic about the news. It also states that several teams have already inquired as to Milicic's trade availability. It's amazing what four solid postseason games can do for one's stock.

Perhaps even more interesting is the Magic's need for what Otis Smith called "creative financing," which would let us retain Darko and still have enough money to sign a perimeter scorer. Any move to free up cap space would certainly have to involve either Hedo Turkoglu or Tony Battie, who earned $5.8 M and $5.7 M last season, respectively, according to USA Today. The chances of both those guys playing for us next season is growing slim.

Getting Billy Donovan to join us was only the first move in what's sure to be a busy, franchise-defining summer. I can't wait for what's next.

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