05 September 2007

Darko Will Do Horrible Things to You

I'm not sure if Darko Milicic news is still relevant to this site, but this nugget bears passing along. Darko, displeased with the refs in Serbia's loss to Greece in FIBA competition, said the following after the game:

"I will find the referees, murder them and then f--- their daughters"
Like wow, Scoob. If only he played as hard as he cursed; then he might actually live up to the hype.

You can watch the Serbian Gangster's blast on YouTube by clicking here. Don't worry about getting called into your boss' office later; it's in a foreign language.

And if you're in the mood for more Darko temper-tantrums, there's this YouTube gem, complete with homerriffic commentary by the Raptors' announcers:

In more Magic-related news, another rotation post should be up later this evening.

Thanks to Bethlethem Shoals for first posting this story over at FanHouse.


Don said...

Darko is a funny dude.

Check out this video where he laughed in a upset mutombo's face: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kR2YfYqoLoI&mode=related&search=

Ben Q. Rock said...

That's a good one. Thanks. Darko really comes off as a flippant jackass, doesn't he?