04 September 2007

Fun With Rotations: 2007/2008 Starting Lineup Possibilities, Part One

There are only three givens for this year's Magic starting lineup: Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis, and Dwight Howard will be there. After that, it's anyone's guess as to who else will be there, and which position they'll play. 3QC breaks down the possibilities.

The All-Firepower Lineup

  1. Jameer Nelson
  2. J.J. Redick
  3. Hedo Turkoglu
  4. Rashard Lewis
  5. Dwight Howard
As evidenced by the title, this lineup puts the Magic's most prolific scorers at each position on the floor to start the game. Nelson sets up the offense; Redick, Turkoglu, and Lewis spread the defense with their long-range shooting skills; and Howard clogs the lane on defense and posts-up on offense. Sounds great... at first.

There's a real drawback to putting this lineup on the floor to start the game: depth. Just ask four-time NBA champion coach Gregg Popovich why he keeps Manu Ginobili on his bench while he starts veteran Michael Finley. It's not a great idea to have your second-unit be comprised of -- and perhaps this term is too harsh -- scrubs. Where would the offense come from once the first-unit is off the floor? Carlos Arroyo? Keyon Dooling? Tony Battie? Yuck.

There's also a problem on the defensive end; Nelson, Redick, Turkoglu, and Lewis are regarded as below-average in that facet of the game. Further, Lewis is naturally a small forward, so he is unaccustomed to guarding power forwards. While he could certainly handle the more modern perimeter-oriented fours, the traditional, back-to-the-basket ones would give him fits. Rashard is needed for his offense, and he needs to keep his legs fresh. We can't have him spending all his energy on defense.

So although this starting lineup certainly would pack a punch, some games are won and lost based on reserve play, which eliminates this lineup from serious consideration.

Look for more lineup entries later in the week. Until then, discuss this one's viability in the comments section. Hope you enjoyed your Labor Day, everyone.

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You could always swap Turk for Ariza.


We'd still have a lot of fire power in the lineup. Ariza can defend 2's and 3's. He can also finish, and he'd be playing his natural position at the 3.

This would give us some instant offense off of the bench with Turk. Stan could have him check in with a "green light" firing away against other teams 2nd units.

However, if I had to guess as of today, who I'd expect to see as our starting 5, it would probably shape up a lot different, and sound a lot safer. And you're going to hate this more than anyone, but Bogans is going to be playing this year, and he has just as good of a chance to be starting as Redick.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bogans and Battie in the starting lineup.


The problem the Magic have is jams at certain positions. So, Nelson starts, who will be the regular back up; Arroyo or Dooling?

As for Ariza, I have a feeling he'll be tossed around between the 2 and 3. Then we have Turk and Lewis, who will both have spend playing time anywhere between the 2, 3 and 4.

It'll be a lot easier to tell how difficult these decisions will be once the team actually hits the floor together.

All I can say is I'm glad we have a good coach; because if these decisions were left to Brian Hill, we'd be in big trouble.