27 September 2007

Poll Results, New and Old

From time to time, I post a poll in the right sidebar of 3QC. In looking over some of my notes, I realized that I had taken some polls down without posting their results. With the exception of the top-most chart, which details the results of last week's question, these charts represent data collected well over a month ago. My bad.

So, in the interests of completeness and of full disclosure, here are the results, along with links to the entries to which they correspond:

Who do you want the Magic to sign as their 15th man?

  • Kevin Kruger, 10 votes
  • Torrell Martin, 5 votes
  • Bo Outlaw, 2 votes
  • Somebody else, 0 votes

Was signing Adonal Foyle a good move?
  • Yes, 8 votes
  • Kinda, 6 votes
  • Are you kidding? 0 votes
  • What's an Adonal? 1 vote

Would you trade Keyon Dooling and Pat Garrity to Denver for Reggie Evans and J.R. Smith?
  • Absolutely, 9 votes
  • Probably, 1 vote
  • I don't know, 3 votes
  • Probably not, 1 vote
  • Absolutely not, 0 votes

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